Dream Wedding

Like any other girl, I too had dreamt of a being a bride, of having a prefect dress, and a perfect man.

How as we grow up and realize things are really not as perfect as they seem, we still hold on to a prefect wedding, a perfect marriage.
Like any other girl when I wed my husband in a fairy tale wedding, which my father gave me for he knew how much his little princess wanted one. With a bunch of excitement and dreams in my eyes, I walked into my new home with my husband, this is what I dreamt it would be like. Like any other girl I dreamt my wedding only until the wedding, so oblivious to what had to happen next.
As I woke up next morning, I refused to open my eyes for I was waiting for my mom to get me my glass of milk, when suddenly a loud knock on the door sprung me awake. I looked around and realized I am not home, a grief pierced through my heart so bad to realize my mom would never wake me up again.
“It’s 9:00, get ready and come out!”, came an authoritative voice from outside.
Reality hit me as I replied, “yes mom”. I held on to my watch and tried waking my husband up, “it’s not for me, you should get up, they need you”, he said as he turned over.
I made my way to the bathroom and got ready. I was so tired, I wish I could be in my PJs but was now draped in a saree, I struggled to stand straight in.
Fear gripped me as I had to walk out of the door into a place unknown to me, walk out to be with people who were complete strangers to me yet were my family now.
I staggered my way across the hall, and saw a bunch of eyes looking at me from head to toe like I was a show piece. My mother-in-law came running and hushed, “you forgot your bindi, go put it right now”.
I ran back-in frantically searching for one as I felt I had failed my first test.
As I went back-out, tears flooded my eyes, I tried stopping them as I closed my eyes.
“I want my morning milk, where is my breakfast mom, I am hungry, I am really tired can I please sleep some more!” were the words that echoed in my head, as I walked out into a place where eyes were ready to judge me, I realized I had already failed my test before it began.
It dawned on me that the little girl who underneath her tent dreamt of a perfect wedding never saw this coming where she would not be home anymore.

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