Having lost grandparents, I have probably lost the most pure and genuine form of love forever. Nobody can replace their love, their affection.
I learnt what is to love someone without any conditions, to live for one’s happiness foregoing your own. Also having to face their death brings me to a deeper perspective on life.
They were here yesterday and they are gone today, to another realm, into a different journey, all they have left behind are their memories, their love, their goodness, most importantly their deeds good or bad – their deeds.
It gets me thinking, should I stop? Should I stop running this constant race for a better life, a desire which never ends? Should I stop and breathe to just feel the oxygen fill up inside me for a second? Should I stop before I too am exhausted and leave this world without really living?
I think I should silence my mind, listen to the universe, to the nature, to my inner most thoughts that keep telling me I am part of this magnificent world God has created and that I should live in harmony with myself, with others and with this nature which is a part of me.
I should learn to forgive, to let go, to love unconditionally. You never know if you will ever meet those again you hold deep resentment for and ever have to chance to reconcile.
I should learn to laugh, a feeling that comes from deep within. I should learn to be happy and not find a reason for it.
I should stop bickering for the smallest things and find joy in the smallest of things around me. I have to stop fighting with others in the name of ego, a thing which exists only in my head. I should let my guards down and not let “I” take over my life.
I should do this before I too am gone and all that I would have left behind would be resentment, unfulfilled desires.
I have to stop, to laugh, to feel, to love, to live, to do good and be good because this is what really matters and this is all that should.

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