Prisoner for life

The moment I heard you cry for the first time something changed inside me completely. My heart got 10 times bigger, my tears got 10 times heavier, I saw you through my blurry eyes as you cried into my arms. My body froze in that moment and I felt a rush of love I never knew existed within me. I knew that very moment I had now become a mother.

In your eyes lay my whole world. In your smile lay my happiness. In your tears lay my greatest fear. I never knew I could be so selfless. Suddenly all your dreams became mine, all your sorrows were mine…the moment I held you for the first time I realised I had now become a mother. You made me a woman whose heart and soul lived not for herself, but for you. Every single breath I took was to see you smile. I never knew I could be so giving but when I saw you look at me, I knew you had made me a mother, your prisoner for life.


Featured photo by Juan Galafa


  1. Poonam
    February 2, 2016
  2. Vrisha
    December 31, 2015

    This is so true Neha! beautifully written 🙂

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