Secret to Conquer

Many years ago the viceroys of Britain came to India and were amazed by its beauty and wealth.
“How do we conquer this country? It’s so abundant in it’s richness and beauty.”, asked one British to the other.
“I have stayed here for a while, this country might be rich but the men here are fools. The only way we can rule this nation is to divide them and then rule. Let’s make this country’s diversity its biggest weakness. Let’s divide them based on their caste, religion and region.”
Alas that’s what they did and were very successful in it. They divided is made us fight among ourselves and ruled us for decades to come.
Today we are a free nation, free from the Britain rule but we are still caged in our thoughts. We as a nation still stand divided in different religion, creed, caste. The day we all stand as Indians and nothing else is the day we will truly start prospering as a nation.

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